2012 Dahlia Workshop at Pharsalia

This April, we’ll be heading back to Pharsalia — a former plantation and national historic landmark in Nelson County, Virginia — for another spring dahlia workshop.

Here are the details from the Pharsalia website:

DAHLIAS! Presented by Don Dramstad of Don’s Dahlias, Etc.
Saturday, April 21, 10 am to 1:30 pm

Don Dramstad is the Dahlia king! He grows and sells gorgeous Dahlias, a plant that is unsurpassed for bold late summer color in the garden. Dahlias offer colors that range from pastels to deep purples, and many tropical colors in between. Are you frustrated with your efforts to grow these wonderful plants? Don will unlock the secrets of fertilization and light, as well as digging and storing this tuberous plant. Dahlias will also be discussed as cut flowers. Don’s class has had rave reviews from previous attendees.

Tubers and cuttings from Don’s Dahlias will be available for sale.

Fee: $65 (catered lunch included)

Register by visiting pharsaliaevents.com.

Pharsalia_2012_Spring_Workshops (PDF)


The Don in Don's Dahlia's, Etc.

The Don in Don's Dahlia's, Etc.

I’m a dahlia grower, originally from Montana, where the plants thrive, but I’ve made my home for the past 40+ years outside Washington, DC, an area significantly more challenging for cultivation (but just as rewarding).  With the help of my wife, Rhonda, I grow hundreds of varieties of dahlias each year, and as the blooms start coming in, we head to the Leesburg, Virginia, Farmer’s Market, where we sell single stems and bouquets.  On our new site, you can learn more about me, see where we’ll be with our blooms, get contact information, or subscribe to our feed to keep up to date with posts.