Looking Ahead to Spring & Summer of 2012

If you are a gardener, you are an optimist – always looking forward to the better growing year ahead – AND you have great plans on how to do it better! That’s us in a nutshell.

We had a wonderful flower season in 2011 and are very excited about all the possibilities ahead in 2012.

We doubled our number of peony plants for 2012 – adding another bed of fully double whites and dark pinks. The roots have been in the ground since mid-October and we anticipate peonies in bloom this year by May 10. 


The Calla lilies were ordered from our supplier January 6 – we plan to have them crated up and started in the sunroom by Valentine’s Day – first bloom is projected to be mid-May.

We loved our oriental lilies in 2011; our favorite of all the varieties we had last year was a very unusual double lily, and it is our pick for 2012. This beautiful flower, “Bella Rosa,” is lightly scented and pollen-free (a plus for many of our customers!). As the flower opens, it transitions from white with green speckles to a beautiful bright white and pastel pink. First bloom – May 15 or thereabouts.

The tuberoses should be in bloom by August – gardenia-like scent and so delicate in appearance.

Dahlias!  Our most favorite flower. We traditionally start planting in the field Mother’s Day weekend and hope for blooms by mid-July continuing until the first hard frost (or first snow, if it’s a year like 2011!).

Hydrangeas are a new endeavor for us – we installed deer fencing and put 86 plants into the ground in the fall of 2011. The plants are 3 years old and we should have some blooms available for fall of 2012.

We will have dahlia plants available for sale at the Leesburg Farmer’s Market the first 3 weeks of May and thereafter will be at the market with our fresh cut flowers every Saturday through the end of October. 

Honey from our beehives should be available after August 1. Beeswax skin creams, propolis soothing salve, and other small-batch, hand-crafted products of our beehives will be for sale at the market and will soon be available for purchase online.

New residents in the garden

a double-blooming asiatic lilyOur first year for growing oriental lilies has been an adventure! Don grew them in crates — 25 to 30 to a crate — starting them in our sunroom back on March 26. They were moved outside under shade cloth as the weather warmed, and now the last 20 lilies are blooming. It takes almost 15 weeks for them to mature into 36-42″ stems with as many as six  flowers to a stem. They are so elegant and long-lasting in a vase — wonderful flowers!

Regarding some of our other new additions: Tuberoses are just starting to blossom now, and calla lilies are coming up.

Our most favorite flower — the DAHLIA! — is coming on strong. The plants got a good start because the weather was overcast many of the days right after planting, and we have been cutting and taking them to the market for the last three weeks, which is very early for us.

Wishing everyone a relaxing summer; we hope to see you at the market!

Spring 2011 is here, and summer will soon arrive!

Don started his dahlia plants February 1 this year. The plants were started by potting up dahlia tubers in 4.5-inch pots and placing them under fluorescent lights on top of heated mats. March 1, Don took his first cuttings and placed them each into a tiny rooting pot – 105 cuttings to a tray – covering them with a plastic greenhouse-type top.

small dahlia plants

After the second set of leaves sprouted, Don placed the small dahlia plants into 4-inch pots and placed them on a tray with other small cuttings (trays of 20), and they have matured nicely.

gathering dahlia cuttings

We have about 950 dahlia plants now. The plants are being moved outside as the weather warms up. In-ground planting begins Mother’s Day weekend. Johnny and Don put up a new shade cloth over the rear dahlia garden.

installing shade cloth

The Dahlia Growing Workshop Don taught at Pharsalia on April 16 was a great success, and we had such a wonderful time with Foxie Morgan and her family and friends at their beautiful home. It was a memorable evening and day for us, and we will long remember the hospitality, food, and beautiful setting.

More about the “etc.” in Don’s Dahlias, Etc.: Don is growing oriental lilies for the first time this year. At an auction during the Specialty Cut Flower Growers’ conference in fall 2010, Don placed the winning bid on a lot of 250 lilies. The bulbs arrived on March 1 and were placed 25 to a crate in about 6 inches of soil.

young lily plants

The first planting has now been moved outside under 30% shade cloth. Peonies are coming on strong; good foliage color and long stems – we have been disbudding the peonies as they mature – this gives the plant more energy and a better bloom.

Bees! We have been actively working our beehives the last few weeks. We are only fourth-year beekeepers, so this is always an adventure. This is also the first year we actually found the queens with little problem – every other year it has been, “Is that the queen?! … Nope!” We were laughing the other day about how opening up a beehive and looking at all those buzzing bees really helps a person focus on the task at hand. Here are three young queens and their attendants waiting to be placed into their new homes.

queen bees and their attendants

We will be at the Leesburg Farmers’ Market Saturdays beginning (projected!) May 14, from 8 am – 12 noon. During May and June we will be bringing dahlia plants, and then peonies, lilies, and dahlia blooms as they progressively come into season. Beeswax skin cream and honey will be offered as they are available.

We are excited about all the possibilities that 2011 has to offer, and we’ll keep you posted!