Nestled all snug in their vermiculite

The dahlias have gone to bed for the winter, but we’re already thinking of next year’s garden and what we’ll be bringing to market.  A new addition for 2009: peonies!  Please stay tuned for more developments on the flower front.



The Don in Don's Dahlia's, Etc.

The Don in Don's Dahlia's, Etc.

I’m a dahlia grower, originally from Montana, where the plants thrive, but I’ve made my home for the past 40+ years outside Washington, DC, an area significantly more challenging for cultivation (but just as rewarding).  With the help of my wife, Rhonda, I grow hundreds of varieties of dahlias each year, and as the blooms start coming in, we head to the Leesburg, Virginia, Farmer’s Market, where we sell single stems and bouquets.  On our new site, you can learn more about me, see where we’ll be with our blooms, get contact information, or subscribe to our feed to keep up to date with posts.