New residents in the garden

a double-blooming asiatic lilyOur first year for growing oriental lilies has been an adventure! Don grew them in crates — 25 to 30 to a crate — starting them in our sunroom back on March 26. They were moved outside under shade cloth as the weather warmed, and now the last 20 lilies are blooming. It takes almost 15 weeks for them to mature into 36-42″ stems with as many as six  flowers to a stem. They are so elegant and long-lasting in a vase — wonderful flowers!

Regarding some of our other new additions: Tuberoses are just starting to blossom now, and calla lilies are coming up.

Our most favorite flower — the DAHLIA! — is coming on strong. The plants got a good start because the weather was overcast many of the days right after planting, and we have been cutting and taking them to the market for the last three weeks, which is very early for us.

Wishing everyone a relaxing summer; we hope to see you at the market!


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